NYU ITP 4-in-4

4×4 Day 3: Music Video

Shot a music video today for Twin Shadow.  Can’t really show much for obvious reasons…

There is quite a bit of post production work to do now and that it going to round out my 4×4 week.

I spent quite a few hours Wednesday night/Thursday morning struggling to get Cineform’s video codec to render alpha channels – it doesn’t for the $100 neoscene pack.  Anyone want to help a brutha out with Neo4k or Neo3D? In the frustration I did learn a cool feature of the Adobe Creative Suite CS5 called Adobe Dynamic Link.  Remember how you have to render out all those After Effects comps to get them into timeline software, in this case Premiere, well  if you have a kick ass computer, I do, you can use Premiere and simply import an AE sequence and bam.  AE is open at the same time so changes you make in AE effect Premiere in real time.  Hella cool and saves a lot of time especially when mocking this up quickly.

<3 rader

January 20th, 2011

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