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Day One – Linkage Prototyping

Day ONE– Linkage Prototyping

After a trip to the toy store, and a good amount of time looking at linkage games online, I decided to make my own linkage prototype system. It consists of a medium gage wire, machine screws, and screw caps. I bend each wire segment at the ends as close to a circle as I can. Then fit the machine screw under each of the wire ends and cap it to make a linkage. Pretty easy.

As the first test of a piece I’m making for tomorrow, I made two of Theo Jansen’s mechanisms outlined on this great site. http://www.mechanisms101.com/theo_jansen.html

One of the fails of this system is that the screw caps will be wound or unwound by normal twisting and turning of the linkages.  To solve this, you can hot glue the caps into place.

Video of the piece being uploaded now.  Will update when finished

January 19th, 2011

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