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4×4: PreGame

Warming up for the Winter 4×4 with a little Sunday pregame action.  Shooting a music video for “Twin Shadow” as Reed + Rader on Wednesday and need to make a cutout body/armor prop.  Without detailing too much, here it is…

Measured the initial hand drawn mockup that was cut from foamcore:

Mocked up the final designed cutout in Photoshop and then printed it out and taped together a stencil (Xanadu the Cat teleported in from Mister Jenning’s closet):

Final cutout armor prop cut from 1/2? foamcore to be used at the shoot on Wednesday:

I really wish the client would have signed off on making the cutout in 3D.  In the past we have made this in 3D like the Andross mask below…

…using our very basic modelling skills in Blender and using Pepakura Designer to unwrap the 3D object into 2D so it could be printed out, traced onto matboard, and folded back into a real life 3D shape.  Ah wells…

<3 r a d e r

January 18th, 2011

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