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Day 3 – Mash Up: We Will Rage You

We Will Rage You (Linda Ronstadt vs RATM)

I have finally, after talking about making mash ups for 4 years or so, created one of my own.  ”We Will Rage You” is a combination Linda Rondstadt “We Will Rock You” vs RATM “Maggie’s Farm”  I had to use Soundtrack Pro, cuz I’m not about to buy Ableton Live.  I learned the best way to make it is by cutting up each section of the song, any differential just give it’s own track.  The issue with doing that is if you need to slow down any of the instrumentals, I’ll need to find a way to coordinate the changed sample rate.  After Using 11 tracks (3 more deleted), and 8 1/2 hours, it’s done.  It’s my first, but I hope people who like mash ups and Rage Against The Machine will like it(NOTE: apologies, there’s 8 seconds of silence at the top, no clue why).

March 15th, 2010

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