NYU ITP 4-in-4

Education for the Undead?

For Day 4′s project, Christian Bovine and I wanted to shoot a short video within 24 hours. A friend of mine in San Fransisco recently finished a 48 hour Film Festival, where contestants were given requirements such as character name or prop right before starting the 48 hour film production. Apple has a similar competition but 24 hours so it is definitely possible to complete. We decided that we wanted to attempt a similar constraint and created a web application that allowed ITP students to fill out possible requirements of a character’s name, prop and line of dialogue. We randomly chose: Mimmi Vanilla, cow and “Your chile is long.” We both agreed to wake up early to discuss possible concepts but instead I mentioned to Christian that “I feel like a zombie,” thus the birth of our new concept and tossing out the requirements all together. We developed the idea for Zombies attending ITP and asked the faculty and students to participate. Here is our video that we finished within a day. Enjoy.

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August 1st, 2008

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