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Hey there. My name is Andrew Schneider. I don’t go to ITP right now, but I used to. I was asked by Rob Faludi to be a “guest star” for the “5-in-5″ series currently winding it’s way down at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. Today is the last day of this particular session. If you don’t know what 5-in-5 is, I have no idea how you got here.

First of all what the fuck is a “guest star”? I hate that heirarchy wierdness.

Second of all, this is my project. I am documenting the documentation of my day doing a project as a participant in 5-in-5 at ITP. I will post things as soon as they are captured. I’ll be doing everything I can to let you know about my progress throughout the day. I’ll be doing tutorials on life, uploading music videos that I make, uploading precious photos of myself, and interacting with my readers. Basically, I’m doing everything that comes to mind. Filtering is low. Release early and often. Make desicions quickly. I don’t know how I feel about that yet, but I’m going to see it through. Here’s the ongoing documentation. I strongly encourage and am asking for commments, questions and participation of all kinds. My phone number is 917-701-3226. Call it. My email is metablog@andrewjs.com. Write it. What happens now.

August 1st, 2008

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    [...] final day of 5 in 5 was happy-dirty, telepathic, deliciously chilly, retro-reflective, recursively meta, southwardly mobile, ephemerally illustrated, dubiously conversant, cartographically challenging, [...]

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